Due to our customer's needs expanding to needing to source a supplier of machined components, in 2016, we added machining equipment to our facility. Utilizing CNC milling and turning centers, we are able to hold tight tolerances, and provide cost-effective solutions by automating processes whether it be a simple process from drilling holes, or complex processes such as 3D milling. 

Our capabilities include dimensions up to;
Milling: 41" (x) x 22" (y) x 20" (z)
Turning - 11.5" Dia. x 20"

We process multiple materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium and plastics. 

Secondary Operations include but are not limited to;
- Assembly
- Laser Marking
- Labeling
- Zinc & Chrome Plating
- Heat Treat
- Anodizing